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Design & Concept

These designs are a representative sample of Periphery’s oeuvre. Feel free to contact me for inquiries or requests for proposals.


An initiative to raise awareness of all things cozy in Milwaukee, I created some stickers for the brand. We’ll be sticking them outside places we think are cozy, sneaking them into bills, and selling them to friends.

Illustrations ©Periphery


Paw Paw


Our team developed a series of posters and copy to advertise one of North America's forgotten native fruits, the paw paw. In collaboration with Kevin Podgers, copywriter, we developed slogans and selected fonts to create these posters.

Illustrations ©AiNM, Copy ©Kevin Podgers

Paw Paw Web Banner-01.jpg


Wine labels & titles for a small Michigan Winery.

Illustrations & Copy ©AiNM



Given our love of camping, backpacking, the outdoors, etcetera, we have created an ongoing poster series that so illustrates.

Illustration ©AiNM

No Words-Web Banner.jpg